Storage of support weapons

Secure, orderly, and flexible storage of support weapons.

We adapt solutions for storing all types of storage weapons. Whether the weapons are to be stored on the wall, in an armory, or inside a safe. Our engineers can also assist you in finding the right equipment, or custom tailor solutions for your specific needs. Contact us.

Raufoss Armory Bracket program

The bracket program provides easy storage of weapons. The brackets can be hung directly on our ProRack panels. LiteRack can be used where there is no requirement for individual locking of weapons. For individual locking, we instead recommend the products under the ProRack Storage System.

How to use the bracket program

Combine Raufoss Armory High and Low brackets.

Choose upper and lower parts according to the number and type of weapons to be stored. All can be easily hooked onto our Rack panels.

Shelf bracket for a support weapon

Heavy-duty shelf bracket to store armoury weapons. Comes with a rubber mat that protects the weapon from scratches and helps to keep it stable.

Storage of machine guns

Combine LiteRack brackets for soldier weapons, or use oure storage units tailored for machine guns and heavy armoury.

Weapon Trolley

Transport cart that can be used for all types of weapons. Hook shelf brackets onto the trolley for easy transport of support weapons.

Barrel Module

Support for the barrel. Consists of an upper and lower part.

HMG Module

Support for heavy machine gun and barrel. Consists of an upper and lower part.

Grå hylle

Bag Shelf 20

Shelf for weapon bag or other equipment.

Barrel Support

Support for weapons.

Barrel 8

Support for barrels.

Horizontal 4

Pair of support arms for 4 weapons.

Horizontal RFK (RCL)

Support lightweight infantry support weapons that allow the firing of a heavier projectile (recoilless rifle, RCL).

M60 Support

Support for machine gun M60 or similar.

Granad Launcher

Support for grenade launcher.

LiteRack High 1 and Low 1

Combination of LiteRack brackets for support weapons.

High 1

Support for barrel.

Low 1

Stock holder.

LiteRack High 12.7 and Low 12.7

Support for 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun.

High 12.7 and High Wide

Barrel support for heavy armory weapons.

Low 12.7

Stockholder for support weapons.

LiteRack 5

Here you will find brackets that hold 5 support weapons.

LiteRack High 5 and Low 5

Upper and lower brackets supporting 5 weapons.

High 5

Upper part, supporting the barrels.

Low 5

Lower part, supporting the stock of 5 weapons.

LiteRack Horizontal 4

Brackets that carry up to 4 military weapons. The brackets can be placed in our SSK Safety Cabinets.

LiteRack High 4 and Low 4

Run support for single run, soldier weapons.

High 4

Løpsstøtte for avdelingsvåpen.


Here you will find solutions for easy storage of support weapons.

12.7 Twin

Løpsholder for 2 stk 12.7 piper.
Universal barrel support-with barrels.

Barrel support 8

Support for 8 weapon barrels. Fits into our SSK Safety cabinets.


Shelf brackets for support weapons. Fits into our SSK Safety cabinets.

LiteRack Handgun

Brackets for handguns that are easily hooked onto our ProRack panel walls. Provides organized storage and easy access.

Handgun 1

Bracket for one handgun. Fits most types, with and without lights/optics.

Handgun 2

Bracket for two handguns. Fits most types, with and without lights/optics.

Handgun 6

Bracket for 6 handguns. Fits most types, with and without lights/optics.

Wire Attachment

Simple bracket with solid wire. The bracket is hooked onto the ProRack panel, and the wire is threaded over the gun, or through the trigger ring.


Wire for locking weapons, used with a padlock. 150 cm as standard, but can be tailored for your needs.

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