Engineering and Product Development

We specialize in the construction of mechanical structures, sheet metal components and advanced structures.

Project Management, Design, and Construction

Based on engineering expertise in material technology, structural analysis, and mechanical construction, we tailor products and systems to a wide range of different customers.

Raufoss Engineering can assist with the design and development of mechanical/plate-based structures, safety systems, and plastic construction. In addition to project management and product development, we can also deliver the solution that is developed.

In addition to our engineering capabilities, Raufoss Engineering is a leading Norwegian supplier of gun safes to private customers. We have also developed and deliver weapon storage systems to professional customers. Several of the products are patented and design protected. The company is responsible for the complete value chain – product development, production, and marketing.

As an engineering company, we prioritize the efficient execution of R&D projects. In addition to our own product development, the company takes on consultancy assignments and can assist as a competent partner in security systems, design, and construction.

Examples of previous projects are shown at the bottom of this page, feel free to contact us for further information about what we can offer.

Network Collaboration

-Research and development

We have a broad network of contacts within the Raufoss industrial park, one of Norway’s largest industrial clusters. In addition, we work together with Innovation Norway, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing, and TotAl Defense group. This gives us the opportunity to always obtain information and expertise from specialists, in areas of knowledge other than what we already have in-house. It also gives us a huge competitive advantage when participating in tenders.

Previous projects

We are constantly working on new projects, and not all of them are linked to the police/ law enforcement and military industry. Below you will see a small selection of our earlier projects.

New seats for BV-206

EVAC and First Aid Station Vehicles


Development project: Sled

Armory storage container

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