Raufoss Prorack

Professional storage systems for armories


Raufoss ProRack is a modular and versatile storage system for weapons and armories. It is tailored for professional users like the military and law enforcement.

Law enforcement

Raufoss ProRack is tailored in close collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces.

It is designed to fit all types of soldier and police weapons, in addition to heavy armory weapons, like machine guns and grenade launchers.


The modular construction provides great flexibility.

Raufoss ProRack can be easily rebuilt by moving or replacing the individual components. This flexibility means that the system can be adapted to changes in user needs and new weapon types. The lifespan will thus be long.

Access controll

Raufoss ProRack provides an effective solution to Scandinavian two-step access control when required.

The first step is a burglar-proof armory, safe, or location site.

The second step is the Raufoss ProRack storage system, with a built-in coded lock for every single individual weapon.

Main components

Choose the ProRack Panels you need and attach the weapon storage components that suit your needs.

ProRack Panel

The Panels enable flexible installation of equipment on the wall.

ProRack One

Telescopic weapon holder for all applicable weapon types.

ProRack eBox

Equipment for weapon accessories, cleaning supplies, etc.

ProRack pBox

Box for storing handguns, with space for lanterns and optics.

Additional products

Free-standing panel walls

Free-standing panel walls for optimal utilization of floor space.

Free-standing panel island

Free-standing panel island for optimal utilization of floor space.

Weapon trolley

Trolley for easy transport of weapons internally in warehouses and armories.

ProRack shelf

Shelves for panel walls, with strong self-supporting construction.


We design and develop new products to satisfy your requirements for weapon security and storage.

10-in-1 module

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